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Your website is running 24/7, so you don’t have to – awesome right!

But hey, here’s the deal: if your website isn’t staying ahead of the game, it might as well be playing hide and seek. Today’s digital explorers have sky-high expectations, and if your site isn’t up to scratch, they’ll just keep scrolling, leaving you and your back pocket feeling a little blue.

Don’t stress friend! We’ll make sure your website is as fresh as a cool breeze on a summer’s day and better yet, serves up those sweet, sweet sales you’ve been dreaming of.

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commercial websites

Service based businesses; this is your space. Show off your expertise and communicate to your audience why you are the best in the biz.


Flex your products or service in the most delicious way – visually, with a little bit of spice. From commercial, product, ecommerce or unreal content, we got you.

eCommerce websites

Product based businesses, this is your space. Get those carts filling by creating an engaging and memorable user experience.

our pricing options_


Service Based
Starting from

Custom Build

  • Strategy
  • Sitemap planning
  • Wireframe
  • UI/UX design
  • Web development
  • Design & build


Product Based
Starting from

Custom Build

  • Strategy
  • Sitemap planning
  • Wireframe
  • UI/UX design
  • Web development
  • Design & build
  • Up to 10 products

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MANE Day Spa. Experience.

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our process



Let's identify your goals - what's your why? We will provide you with our website questionnaire that will ask you key questions to identify your why, target audience, objectives and the purpose for your website. We then review your questionnaire together in a 1 hour deep dive session. This is a great opportunity to collaborate as a team.


Project scoping

It’s time to scope, plan and research! In our deep dive session we will identify your competitors, review websites that align with you, and explore functionality and user experience opportunities.


Sitemap planning

Sitemap planning assists with the website design process. This will help us visualise your website structure and build pages to suit your business and audience.


Wire-frame design

(Custom websites) Let’s visually outline the page/s priority content, features and behaviours.


Theme selection

(Theme build) Explore and present x2 theme templates we believe are suitable for your brand.



An additional add on is working with our SEO copywriters. Copy that is keyword driven to connect with your audience.


UI/UX design

(Custom build) (UI) User interface design – is a design process to create visually appealing and on brand page design that is functional, intuitive and easy to use. (UX) User Experience design – Let’s pull at your audiences heart strings with a targeted user experience. We define the audiences customer journey, define their needs through strategy driven navigation. Responsive websites are priority, we will design, build and test all devices before launch.


Design and build

No drop and drag lame stock images here! We are content creators, which means the visual graphics for your website are custom and unique. We can use your provided brand assets or as an additional add on, work with our unreal content creators for custom on-brand photography.


Test site

This is the exciting time we present the initial preview to you, as a team we test the site to ensure there are no broken links and all pages are responsive for all devices.



Once we are all A-OK, it's time to go live!

the time is now friends

the time is now friends


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